Issue 4 has a new look, a new audience and a new way of operation.
We want to make it easy for creatives to connect with one another and give you time to share you passions and send them around the world.
To do this, we will now operate on a bi-monthly basis, giving you two months to create, write and send your letters.

[Each new issue will come out on the 20th of the month and will need to be sent no later than two months after the release date]

We also want to encourage your endeavours to share our project with the world, therefore everyone who creates and shares their own article on Lupus&Luna or those who share images of their Love Club creations will all be in a draw to win beautiful things, which will be drawn at the end of the two month period.


What is The Love Club and how can I join?

Do you love being creative? Do you like the idea of becoming a writer for Lupus&Luna? Do you want to receive love letters filled with gifts and glitter six times a year? Do you want to connect with fellow like minded creatives from all over the world?

The Love Club is the ultimate girl gang, complete with creatives – writers, singers, artists, and lovers – from all over the world. Each member has their own unique flare and area of passion – but all share the common desire to connect and bring colour to each other’s lives.

The Love Club can bring you warm fuzzies, future collaborations and connections, and best friends in several continents of the world.

To join the Love Club or read more, contact Lupus&Luna at and check out The Love Club page here: ABOUT THE LOVE CLUB + MEET THE GANG


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