Technology Zombie

Lately I’ve been in a strange place. I’ve been feeling like a newborn babe, learning things constantly about myself and realising things that I already knew… but all over again.

My technology has completely failed me these past months with my computer dying 4 months ago, my ipad being smashed to smithereens and my phone quite literally just gave up. This is the point in which I got to take a breather from social media; it wasn’t voluntary or intentional but little did I know I really reallyyyyy needed it.

I realised I had become a slave to social media, making sure my followers were increasing had become so obsessive. Which is stupid really because what is it with us humans and numbers, we seem to get a kick out of reaching a 100 snapchat streak and seeing our followers ever increase. My question is: does any of this even matter? There’s no award or certificate in ‘very good snapchat streak’ or ‘nice instagram feed’ there’s no true meaning to any of these things and yet we let it take up so much of our time and energy.

If you go to a gig you will see everyone watching the whole performance through their iphone camera. When you invite your friends round you sit in silence on your phones talking to… wait for it… YOUR OTHER FRIENDS?!!!?? Does that not seem ironic and weird to you?

We should be living our lives through the real world not the online world. There is no instagram, it isn’t a destination, it isn’t permanent, it doesn’t even really exist. It’s all digital and it’s all on a screen. You’re reading this on a screen, on a website, you are reading lots of tiny pixels and arguably you are not reading real words but PIXELS!!!!! I refuse that I am the only person who is as shocked and amazed of how much the online world has taken over. We come back from school and go online for the rest of the night, completely oblivious to all of the life happening around us.

Now i’m not saying technology is bad, it’s amazing. The pure fact you can read about thousands of things that have happened in this world and buy anything online through this digital screen blows my mind. All I’m saying is, don’t miss out on the pleasures of the real world because you’re too busy on the online world.

This very second is the youngest you will ever be again. This day will never happen again. This minute will never happen again. This second will never happen again. There are no second chances. This is life. This is real. This is now.

Gaia Aurora




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