Hello Lovers! 

I am so excited to share my next project with you all!

Lupus&Luna has been in existence for almost a year now, and already my expectations have been easily surpassed – the love, feedback and amount of all you lovely readers makes me realise that putting both yourself and your rawest thoughts and ideas out there can be the most rewarding thing!

So, without further delay, I’d like to introduce you to my latest project, 

The Love Club.

The Love Club is a collaborative platform of Bloggers, Artists and other creatives who aim to reach and inspire the world through their art. All passionate about making a difference and empowering people, this gang of girls are bursting with talent, love and wicked vibes.

What makes The Love Club so unique is that bi-monthly, we honour the old by sending each other handwritten love letters from all corners of the globe. Along with having a bubble bath, drinking good coffee or enjoying a long and uninterrupted sleep, receiving mail (that isn’t bills or anything to do with adult responsibilities) has got to be one of the best feelings in the world.

With a new member to write to and trending issues in fashion, music or other worldly issues being the theme for each month’s letters, we can promise that no two pretty love notes will be the same. You may be sending a letter to someone just round the block or on another continent entirely, The Love Club aims to connect us all.


View The Love Club video here.


Meet The Club



Maddie Mason // NZL


contact me at: maddiemason5@gmail.com

“Creator of vintage inspired blog, Lupus&Luna, I am an English girl living in the little and beautiful island of New Zealand. I am a lover of old music, 70’s and 80’s fashion and anything crazy or crafty; I’m an old soul in a young girl’s body. Mornings, black coffee, cats and sneakers are some of my favourite things. The world and it’s people inspire me everyday, but I see a desperate need for change within our planet too. I am a big believer of living authentically, spreading love and being a creative and compassionate human being.

Arianna Lord // USA + NZL

Creative Director

contact me at: ariannadlord@gmail.com

“I am happy to call the lovely country of New Zealand home, although currently I am on the other side of the world studying at a university in the Northeast of the United States (how lucky am I to have two places to call home?!).  I love laughing, reading, beautiful landscapes, bustling cities, brunch foods, turtle neck sweaters, the ocean, and each day appreciating the little moments of magic that come from being an explorer of the world.”

Bethany Husband // UK

contact me at: beth.husband@gmail.com

“An ardent admirer of Wes Anderson and Sophia Coppola films, I feel compelled to depict narratives theatrically. My art often evolves from fairy tales and draws inspiration from the installation pieces of Louise Bourgeois and the productions I have seen in the Theatre. I’ll often create art to the sound of The Kinks or Otis Redding but also love to spend my time in art galleries feeling slightly inadequate beside the work of geniuses.”

Milly Brunel // NZL

contact me at: millybrunel@gmail.com

“I am a 17-year-old gal from Wellington, NZ (the coolest little capital in the world). I love good food, great music, clothes that I can’t afford, the newspaper, crosswords, sun and spending time with my gorgeous friends! I dream of going to university in Melbourne, making friends in all corners of the globe and living out my passions of design, photography and textiles ~ I look forward to getting to know you X”

Edin Harvey // NZL

contact me at: edinharvey@gmail.com

“I am new to the world of blogging but eager to spread my passions for the environment and animals, and write about anything else that enters my mind. After recently coming to the realisation that life is the longest thing I will ever do, I have decided to make it worth while.  To do this I am finally beginning to discover myself and the world around me – and I’m amped for The Love Club & to be a part of this journey!”

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 10.30.56 pm.png
Ruby Draper // AUS

contact me at: rubydraper98@gmail.com

“I’m an 18 year old perspective changer in the making, living in the wild town of Mullumbimby. I’d say 98% of my life consists of creativity and the facilitation of educating the planet on becoming the truest form of sovereignty. 98% of my existence is dedicated to exploring new landscapes and beaches, drinking a butt-load of coffee, chatting with every stranger I can, and crying when finding music that gives you the shivers (you know). The other 2% is my restraint to empty my bank account in every op-shop that I find. Oh how exited I am to share and hear all of our talents and ideas – let alone what they might bring!”

Kiara Klopper // NZL

contact me at: kiaraklopper24@gmail.com

“A 15-year-old lover of all things vintage! I am super passionate about saving the planet, fashion, music, photography and art. I love reading, exploring busy cities, drinking tea, thrifting, playing with my cat, taking photos, painting and journaling. I’m constantly inspired by Sophia Amoruso and all the work she does towards empowering young women, whether it’s by releasing super cool books or by awarding financial grants to women making history in design, fashion, music, and the arts. I’m super excited to be a part of The Love Club and can’t wait to share my thoughts alongside such awesome and inspiring gals.”

More members:

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 8.19.33 pm.png
Liv Harwood // NZL

contact me at: liv.harwood@xtra.co.nz

“City girl from Auckland, New Zealand. A thrift store is where you would usually find me, or on Youtube. I am a huge lover of art and anything vintage. I like to call myself a girl power ambassador, I stand for equality and acceptance in every form. My videos are like my online diary with entries about self love, feelings and moments that I am able to look back on as well as share with the world! I’m so proud to be apart of The Love Club, I can’t wait to spread the lurve all around xox”

Jasmine Taylor // NZL

contact me at: jasmine.tay1313@gmail.com

A 15 year old girl from a suburban town. Lover of roses, glitter, the city, the colour red and old films! I love journalling, going to the city and finding cool coffeeshops. I love everything foreign, whether its learning new languages, learning about a completely different culture or even meeting new people! With acceptance as big as my brows, I am all about equality whether it be in race, gender or sexuality, anything. I find it weird when someone isn’t! I’m super pumped to be part of The Love Club and I can’t wait to spread some love with these gals and meet some cool people with a similar mindset on the way! xo


So you want to be a part of The Love Club?

Do you love being creative? Do you like the idea of becoming a writer for Lupus&Luna? Do you want to receive love letters filled with gifts and glitter six times a year? Do you want to connect with fellow like minded creatives from all over the world?

The Love Club welcomes new members from all corners of the globe and invites you to join us on this love revolution. 

The Love Club is the ultimate girl gang, complete with creatives – writers, singers, artists, and lovers – from all over the world. Each member has their own unique flare and area of passion – but all share the common desire to connect and bring colour to each other’s lives.

You must be able to commit to writing one hand written letter every two months to a designated member which will be ever-changing, enabling you to connect with several colourful creatives around the globe. Fill each letter with glitter, love notes, mix tapes or doodles, there are no limits to how much you can personalise the templates we send you. 

The Love Club can bring you warm fuzzies, future collaborations and connections, and best friends in several continents of the world.

If you are interested, email us here. Xx


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